ROJOrganics (pronounced rōj-ȯr-ˈga-niks) is a natural and organic based skin and body care company developed by Indy native, sickle cell advocate, and registered nurse Jade Parker.  Birthed out of her personal experiences in the healthcare industry, she was determined to find her way on the path to health in quality and quantity for herself and others, and began creating their now best-selling Lovely Lavender Body Butter safe for sensitive and problematic skin.

ROJOrganics shows up in the health & beauty space setting a tone of love, self worth, and reflection to become the best and most purposeful version of ourselves.  They’re prayerful in their mission to encourage each of us along our journeys of learning who we are, accepting ourselves flaws and all, and cultivating our gifts in order to walk forward confidently in purpose.

“Our motto is embracing the authenticity and beauty that lies within each of us, naturally and organically.  We’ve learned that by reflecting on the thoughts/views of how we feel and see ourselves with transparency, and combatting the hurtful and negative views with affirmations and grace has helped align us with greater purpose.  We want our demonstration to be an example for many others that look and feel like us to provide love and hope in a generation and time that teaches us to hate and hide ourselves.”

To hear more about their mission, get an inside peek at their latest products and shop their entire collection of skin and body care, follow them on Facebook and Instagram at @ROJOrganics.

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