Hello. We are Carmen and Rick Alsum. 

We are the Founders and CEOs of Alsum Organics L. L. C. 

We are children of the Most High God; of whom we give all praise and glory for placing the seed of faith in our hearts to open our business. 

I am married to Rick Alsum, Sr., and we are the proud parents of Ania, and Rickey Alsum, Jr. Our family has lived in the Plainfield Community since 2002. 

We are hoping to make a difference in our community, and with our customers by offering a natural holistic alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Often times synthetic drugs cause adverse affects to ones body. My goal is to provide holistic health and wellness information, support, and education on the products we offer.

I am not a medical doctor, and therefore I will not be making any type of health claims regarding our products. 

I decided I would provide various products that have the potential to yield total equanimity for those seeking relief from the many aches and pains that cause imbalances within our total well being (Spirit-Soul-Body). 

Having a sound scientific background with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Life Sciences; I have worked in the pharmaceutical industry for nearly 20 years. I have worked in many facets of the pharmaceutical industry including, but not limited to Early Phase, Clinical Trials, Late Phase, and Quality Control Final Phase Batch Release. In the most recent years of my career, I worked as a Global Technical Writer where I wrote Global Analytical Reports that were submitted to the FDA in support of drug approval. I also worked as a Global Study Design Lead for clinical trial studies that were also seeking FDA drug approval for some of the major pharmaceutical companies. 

I am faithful and believe that Alsum Organics will be a great fit in our community. Be Blessed!


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